Module 1: Project Management in Renovation Works

Beware of Bogus Contractors

From time to time, HDB receives feedback about contractors going around the estates, offering to carry out repair works on behalf of HDB. Here is how you can identify a legitimate contractor from a bogus one.

Repair works by HDB are scheduled beforehand

Whenever HDB intends to carry out any maintenance/ rectification works, HDB will write to flat owners beforehand. The letter will contain details of the appointed consultant/ contractor and the schedule of works.

Verification of identity

When approaching residents, HDB staff will identify themselves with their staff passes bearing their photographs.
HDB’s appointed consultant/ contractor will also carry relevant identification, which you can request to check. Alternatively, you can call the Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432 for verification.

What should I do?

If you suspect that a contractor is a bogus contractor, make it clear that their services are not wanted. In the event that they continue to harass you, or give you false information, report the matter to the police. However, if you choose to engage the contractors’ services, do note that it constitutes a private contract/ arrangement with the contractors. Thus, any dispute that arises would need to be resolved directly with the contractors.