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We are always aiming to hone the best skillset for the next generation of renovators

However, forward-thinking renovation firms are using this opportunity to transform the industry, such as adopting digital tools, upskilling and refreshing its image to attract more talent

RCMA Academy offers courses such as project management, tiling, and carpentry to uplift the renovation industry in Singapore. The sector is going through a challenging period due to COVID-19, especially during the circuit breaker as renovation works were disrupted.

Ms Gena Thien, RCMA Academy’s director shares the first three runs of the project management course have been fully subscribed. The RCMA Academy is one of the industry’s efforts to raise the professionalism and increase manpower in our trade.




Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association

“Looking back over the past years, I am filled with gratitude and appreciation at everything that RCMA has achieved in 41 years.”

We are a group of voluntary business owners, each one driven by a passion for design and renovation, and a mission to further improve and develop the industry. I believe that in the decades past, we have successfully fulfilled these objectives while upholding the RCMA public image and brand.

I am especially proud of our RCMA members who have shared and contributed to the association. This includes the management committee who continue to challenge the industry and innovate further. In the last few years alone, we have uplifted the standards of renovation in Singapore and helped to maintain a certain quality while exceeding expectations.

RCMA’s collaboration with CaseTrust continues to be one of the shining examples of the achievements we have strived towards. This is a joint accreditation scheme in which homeowners will be insured with an insurance bond guaranteeing a 100% pay-back on their down-payment. This is one way that RCMA has helped to improve the standards of the industry while offering peace of mind to the general public.

In the last couple of years, RCMA has also collaborated with grassroot organisations and CASE.

To share with homeowners the best renovation tips and knowledge. We have participated in many HDB BTO roadshows and other workshops to inform and educate the public in a bid to help Singaporeans get the best out of their renovation experience.

These key initiatives and efforts are just part of RCMA’s steps to grow and improve our community of contractors, renovators and interior designers. One of the fruits of our labour is this Singapore Renovation Guidebook, which is an example of how we create awareness and interest with the homeowners. We have also had a hand in co-organising the Asia Pacific Furniture Fair as a joint association exhibition. We believe in combining our strengths in order to scale it to even greater heights.

I would like to personally thank all the members and seniors for their dedication and hard work despite their busy schedules. The RCMA committee members are driven by passion and a strong belief in the work that we do, and I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to them.

Special thanks also go out to all our friends in other associations, agencies and ministries, such as MND, HDB, BCA, WDA, SPRING, CASE, and SCCCI. RCMA would not have flourished without their continuous support and inspiration.

In a world seemingly filled with uncertainty for 2021, which way do we choose to keep moving forward?

It is with much gratitude that the RCMA Academy launched this year. Thrusted upon with many new regulations, crippled with more than 60% lack of manpower, many of our industry partners face business closure. However, adversity never fail to unite the like-minded and despite serious manpower challenges and economic instability, our members and participants choose the path of self-improvement for differentiation to serve their customers and associates better. 

As of its soft launch on 5 February 2021, we are envigored by the overwhelming take up rate of the renovation practitioner course which first 3 batches were fully subscribed. Our lecturers include respected industry academia, industry veterans and reputed material suppliers. The desire of forward-looking members to upgrade themselves especially in a crisis where it is even more challenging to deliver good work is extremely heartening and speaks of the values each of our renovation practitioner hold of their work ethic.

Like many vocational industries, the issues which interior renovators face are sometimes unprecedented and complex. One of the key pillars of the academy is to create a foxhole for renovators to share their experiences and good practices with a sense of camaraderie. We also offer first of its kind interior renovation courses for one to begin or upgrade themselves for their interior renovation career. 

The RCMA Academy holds itself always to the goal of uplifting the interior renovation industry and to serve society. As we weather through this pandemic and other challenges to come, we stand united and seek improvement always with service in our hearts and minds. As Jim Rohn wisely shares, “Whatever good things we build end up building us”.



Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India once said “Many birds find shelter during the rain. The Eagle avoids the rain by flying above the clouds. It soars above it. Our future can be defined by how we solve problems.”

Expert Mentorship

An affiliation with a history stretching back over 40 years. RCMA engages various government boards, such as the HDB and URA, in dialogue sessions to set minimum standards and guidelines for all licensed contractors.

Extensive Library

RCMA is a dynamic organisation concerned with the furtherance of our members’ interests and the industry in general. RCMA ensures standards are met and the reputation of its members and the industry in general is upheld.

High Employability

RCMA conducts courses and seminars to educate our members in current legislation and developments within our industry. Our members find numerous opportunities to network with their peers and suppliers with best-practices and ideas.

Management Committee


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Our Academic Team

Goh Koon Yang

Koon Yang came from a Civil and Structural Engineering background. He has been working in the construction industry over the years as an Engineer and Project Manager, overseeing several multi-million dollar building projects from conception to completion.

In 2009, he joined the public sector and became an educator in the built environment. He taught diploma and degree programmes in the area of construction engineering and project management at BCA Academy, SIM Global Education and Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Beyond his work as an educator, Koon Yang enjoys spending time with his family, especially with his two boys. Fun fact – he is an avid Transformers robot toy collector and is looking forward to share the toys with his kids!


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