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RCMA Courses enables Candidates to procure a profound understanding of his/her roles and responsibilities to clients and company, along with a clear knowledge of relevant laws to abide by them.

Through the various courses, the Candidate will attain basic understandings on issues such as residential and commercial structures, safety regulations, acquire the ability to communicate with customers, neighbours and authorities to minimize potential issues and disputes, and many more.

Various aspects of Interior Renovation – Hacking, Carpentry, Painting, Tiling, Accessories, and Drywall and Cornice – are also covered in RCMA Courses, ensuring that industry benchmarks and best practices are met.

RCMA Certified Renovation Practitioner Course

What is an Ethical Renovator? A deep understanding of your role and responsibilities to clients & company

RCMA Tiling Course

What is the correct way to start laying your tiles? How do you ensure they are secured? In this course, we will explore...

RCMA Carpentry Course

Constructing, repairing, and installing cabinet frameworks and structures are the must-know for carpentry. This course will...


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